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Our Mission


Two for ONE Purpose exists to bring the love of Christ to women in Uganda, Africa. Our goal is to address women’s spiritual and physical needs by empowering them with employment through jewelry making and implementing Christ-centered programs.


Every woman in Ngongolo Village in Uganda, Africa is invited into the Two for ONE Purpose community. These women are poverty-stricken orphans, widows, singles, grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who desire to spend time together. Two for ONE Purpose implements a Bible study and self-sustainability program and attendance averages 120 women on any given day.


The ministry’s vision is to empower women with an opportunity for employment through jewelry making while sharing God’s Word. It began with a small group of women seeking a deeper understanding of faith, and today, Two for ONE Purpose has reached hundreds of women with this self-sustaining job and hope found in Jesus. 

By simply making a jewelry purchase, women are better equipped to care for their families. The desire of our 120 artisans is to feed their families and send their children to school, all while giving God the glory for the impact of the ministry in their lives. Cycles of generational poverty are being broken, lives are being changed, and Christ is being proclaimed through the work of Two for ONE Purpose.

Jesus has invited all of us to be a part of His plan. He has designed all of His people to know His joy as we share His love, spread His Word, and multiply His life among all of the peoples of the earth. This is the grand purpose for which we were created: to enjoy the grace of Christ as we spread the gospel of Christ from wherever we live to the ends of the earth. And this purpose is worth giving our lives to seeing it accomplished. It’s worth it for billions of people who do not yet know the mercy and majesty of God in Christ. And it’s worth it for you and me, because we were made to be disciples who make disciples until the day when we see the face of the One we follow, and together with all nations we experience His satisfaction for all of eternity. -David Platt